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Mooie plaatsing bij SIMCO Technologies Inc.

SIMCO announces the appointment of Mr. Peter Oostwouder,

to the role of Strategic Business Development Manager for the Netherlands,
Belgium and Germany.

Quebec City, Canada – December 10th, 2012 - SIMCO, world
leader in concrete durability design, is pleased to announce the appointment of
Mr. Peter Oostwouder, to the role of Strategic Business Development Manager for
the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Mr. Oostwouder has been actively working
with SIMCO since October 11th 2012.

                            Peter Oosterwouder

"SIMCO continues to grow its sales force in 2012-2013 with a specialized and
experienced team that now covers the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia",
says Mrs. Elisabeth Reid, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing.
"We are absolutely delighted that Peter is joining our Business Development team as
he is a strong team player and has an impressive track record in civil engineering for
the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of infrastructure. We are confident that
Peter's extensive experience in the Engineering industry will serve our customers well
when it comes time to providing first-class services to improve the design of new
constructions and optimize the maintenance and repairs of existing structures."

"I am extremely pleased to be joining SIMCO's business development team", says Mr.
Peter Oostwouder. "SIMCO's world-class service-life solutions help provide public and
private owners and managers with the means to optimize the preservation of their
concrete infrastructure and reliably predict the future performance of their structures.
I am just following the same direction that I have been in all of these years, and I truly
believe that we will be able to provide the Maritime, Transportation and Energy industries
with the tools they need to improve the quality, durability and sustainability of their

In his new role, as Strategic Business Development Manager, Mr. Oostwouder will be
responsible for planning, developing and executing business strategies in support of
SIMCO's global strategy. His responsibilities will include expanding business opportunities
for SIMCO's unique concrete durability design products and services with Port Authorities,
Transportation Departments and the Energy Industry.

Prior to joining SIMCO, Mr. Oostwouder had been actively working for several leading
Dutch companies in the field of Civil Engineering and he has concentrated much of his
efforts on finding solutions to significantly improve infrastructure such as concrete
structures, sewer-systems, harbor docks, roads, bridges and tunnels etc. Over the past
ten years, his technical expertise has served him well in his capacity to lead major
infrastructure projects and teams to many successes. He is always looking for "win-win"
situations and he is driven to achieve the best possible results for his clients.

Since 2009, in addition to his regular employment, Mr. Oostwouder has been working on
a plan for a permanent infrastructure solution to flooding and related problems of Delta
areas such as Jakarta, Bangkok, Bangladesh, etc. His plan concerns water-management,
concrete structures, waste to energy plants, hydraulic energy, drinking water, and also
the management for the effective maintenance of concrete tunnels, water-storage
systems, pump stations, etc.

You may contact Mr.Oostwouder directly via phone or email:

C: 31 (0) 6 5137 1875

A pioneer in the development of innovative tools and engineering expertise for the
construction industry, SIMCO offers integrated solutions for the optimum design and
maintenance of concrete infrastructure. By combining sophisticated material analysis
techniques and leading-edge service-life predictive software, SIMCO's unique and flexible
approach leads to better business decisions for owners and managers of concrete

SIMCO maximizes the value and service-life of your concrete assets.

Visit our website for more information: www.simcotechnologies.com

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